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Re: WE-Electrode Strength

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In the structural steel specifications, I specify that welding electrodes 
conform to E70XX per AWS A5.1, and I then design accordingly.  I don't think 
this is an excessive limitation on the fabricator, but they could always ask 
for approval to use E60 electrodes if they want (which may require weld 

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Could someone please explain the mystical world of weld
filler metal?

I am looking at the AWS Bridge Welding Code, Table 4.1,
which specifies the electrode to be used. The electrode is
dependent on the base metal strength and welding process
to be used (SAW, SMAW, FCAW, ...).

For the case of Grade 36 steel, both 60 and 70 ksi electrodes
may be used depending on the welding process used by the
fabricator.  Which value should I use in design?  Do I go the
conservative route and assume 60 ksi?  Do I specify on my
weld symbol the electrode strength to be used?  It seems that I would
want to give the fabricator flexibility in the process used because
I don't know which process is most appropriate - or is this
statement irresponsible because I should be aware of the
advantages and disadvantages of each of the weld processes (seems
like a lot to try to keep straight).

I have never gotten a clear explanation of this issue.  From discussions
with many of my peers, it is obvious that I am not the only one confused
on this issue.  Could someone please enlighten me(us)?

Thanks in advance,
Chris Serroels

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