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Re[2]: Load : Snow Load on Multiple Roof

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     For snow loading the best US reference is ASCE 7-95, if you are not 
     already using it.  Canada also has a good criteria for snow loading.  
     A normal sawtooth roof (peaks at about the same height) you do not 
     combine drift with sliding snow - if that is what you meant.  You 
     would only add sliding snow if there is a roof level above the main 
     roof which could slide off onto the lower level.
     The unbalanced loading (ASCE 7-95 pg 43) looks like it includes the 
     drifting effects.
     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel

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wira.tjong(--nospam--at) wrote:
>      I am designing a multiple curved sawtooth 
> roof. I would like to ask
>      anybody who has experience in interpreting 
> the code requirement for
>      snow loading on this type of roof. The 
> question is:
>      Do we have to combine the loading due to 
> unbalanced load for sawtooth
>      roof and the loading due to drift surcharge 
> on the lower roof?
Your condition is not exaclty clear to me.  Do you 
have two different levels of sawtooth roof.  Or 
are you talking about the upper and lower portions 
of one layer of sawtooth roof?
IMHO:  You probably will have to combine both if 
you go two level.
Stan Johnson
BS, EIT,  I'm no expert on snow loading provisions 
(though I have shoveled lots of driveways), but I 
didn't want you to be left completely out in the 
cold.  :)