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Re: travel

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According to my sister who works in Europe,..."There are specialty stores
that have these items in the USA.  Each country has it's OWN phone jack and
power outlet jack.  However, you can't get the adapters there in Europe, you
have to get them here because it's US to EUROPE, they have EUROPE to US.  My
Mac  automatically converts the power and all I have to do is add the phone
adapter to the plug. Everyone I know that works abroad uses Mac.  Remember 2
adapters for each country.  PHONE & POWER. Sorry.  Hope this helps.

In a message dated 97-09-10 01:32:19 EDT, MJSLAYSMAN(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Does anyone have experience in traveling in Europe with a laptop computer
 modem.  I have the voltage problem taken care of but will my zoom modem
  What is the phone jack configruaton?  Do I need some sort of adapter?  I
 can't find out the answers to these questions through local suppliers,
 telephone company, or even the manufacturers.  Any help is appreciated.  
 Mel Slaysman >>