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Re: FEMA 273

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At 10:02 AM 9/11/97 -0600, Brian Kehoe wrote:
>BTW, why do you need a copy of FEMA 273?  It is not complete yet
>and there are some people that still have major concerns about the
I think that all engineers involved in seismic retrofit and detailed
evaluations should get a copy of FEMA 273, even though it is still in
ballot version.  There is much valuable information regarding pushover
analysis that can be of tremendous value in evaluating a structure's actual
capacity and identifying the areas in need of retrofit.  Indeed, the
pushover itself is a  well-founded analysis method for post-elastic
behavior.  Judgement in modelling and in the use of element limiting
capacities for deformation or strength(if controlled by brittle failure)
must be exercised, but isn't this true for any seismic analysis?  I think
that those who have tried this method would have found that a lot more
detailed judgement is needed, whereas an evaluation based on elastic
analysis requires more general conjecture or extrapolation of results.
However, the economic benefit of a FEMA 273-type evaluation to the building
owner can be very significant.

Also, remember that FEMA 273 is not written as a code document, and
therefore it may be inappropriate to refer to it as "provisions."  And
don't expect it ever to be as easy to do as an elastic analysis, even in
the final version; that would be unrealistic.

Gary Chock, S.E.

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