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Re: Wood Decay

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From: Phil Boultinghouse <philb(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Thursday, September 11, 1997 2:43 PM
Subject: Wood Decay

>Is there any way to stop the progress of wood decay?
>Fungi requires air water and food to grow.  Would removing the water
>supply stop the spread of decay or would it just inhibit the spread
>of decay.
>Philip Boultinghouse

There are some products on the market that will seal the wood and penetrate
to some degree into the fibers. One is an epoxy repair that I used with a
post and beam country club in La Quinta. I don't remember the name of the
product but it was carried by White Cap or one of the many builder supplies.
The product did a great job on the damaged columns. It returned the
compressive strength that we lost and once dry (in less than an hour) was
easily shaped with rasps and sand paper and finished to match the existing
painted product. It is used to restore rotted wood in historic buildings.
There is a company Orange County - Dove Industries that was the general
contractor. I found and specified the product which they purchased and used.
You might try calling Dave King at Dove Industries or Dove Company by
looking in the Construction Blue Book for Orange County area. Tell them that
it was used on the La Quinta Country Club project and that you heard it from
me.  We were all very impressed with how it worked.
BTW, they have two products. One is intended to stop the rot and the other
is to rebuild the damaged area's.

Dennis Wish PE