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Re: Wood Decay

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Phil Boultinghouse wrote:
> Is there any way to stop the progress of wood decay?
> Fungi requires air water and food to grow.  Would removing the water
> supply stop the spread of decay or would it just inhibit the spread
> of decay.

The Forest Products Lab has done a great deal of work WRT wood decay &
preservation.  Their pubs on the subject are great.   The "food" is the
wood and most decay fungi can only be active in a very narrow range of
moisture.  Removing the moisture source for most common "dry" rot will
stop the growth (there are water conducting rots that wick water from
the soil) however the best way is to completely remove the rotted
timber.  If this is not feasible several companies make epoxy based
repair & consolidation materials.  I have personal experience with
materials from a company in NY called Abatron (former old house repair
specialist)  They make liquid & solid repair materials and I have had
good luck with them.

 Robert Kazanjy, PE  **Disclaimer: I speak for myself not UC-Irvine**
 Senior Development Engineer
 Civil & Environmental Engineering
 UC Irvine