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BORPELS and residential room additions

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     I have been asked by a civil engineer in another county to comment on
his structural engineering for a 500 SQ. FT. room addition he calc'ed in
     There was a complaint ( but no failure type problem ) and BORPELS asked
one of their technical consultants, who also does litigation work, to
comment. The expert SE said the civil engineer should have investigated the
site, tested the concrete, obtained a soil report, as well as performed
structural observation , and since he did not the civil engineer is ( 1997 )
incompetent and BORPELS has offered to settle by allowing the civil engineer
to give up his license for 4 years. 
     It was a calc and sketch job for  $450.00 and the were 37 pages of calcs
and sketches.
     I have probably plan checked 3000 room additions, and these calcs were
above average . I am shocked by what the BORPELS consultant recommends. If i
did everything he is criticising i would have to charge $3500.00 plus another
$2000.00 for a soil report and $750. for a concrete testing lab, all for a
calc and sketch job on a 500 sq. ft. room addition!
      Am i in left field or do others calc and sketch without a soil report (
use 1000psf ), not visiting the site ( assume it was built to code ) , and
forego structural observation on small room additions.
     I would like to know what others include as minimum services for a
residential room addition.

     Thanks in advance.

     Tom Harris , SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA