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Re[2]: Wood Decay

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     We are presently evaluating a concrete relieving platform, located 
     along a freshwater canal, which is supported on timber piles.  The 
     structure was built around 1930 and the piles have been continuously 
     submerged.  During a dive inspection it was found that there is a soft 
     ring of about 1" thick along the circumference of the piles.  If piles 
     will not decay underwater, then what would have caused this condition? 
      Is it likely to worsen over time?  Do you know of any references 
     which deal with the durability of timber submerged in freshwater?
     John Hubert

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Subject: Re: Wood Decay
Author:  norm(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    9/12/97 5:35 AM

Phil Boultinghouse wrote:
> Is there any way to stop the progress of wood decay?
> Fungi requires air water and food to grow.  Would removing the water 
> supply stop the spread of decay or would it just inhibit the spread 
> of decay.
Stopping the water stops the decay period.  This is easier said than 
done though.  What part of the building is decaying?  Saturated wood 
also will not decay (piles under water).
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