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Re: BORPELS and residential room additions

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There must be something more to this than the facts you have related.  I can not
imagine that
BORPELS has offered to settle by allowing the civil engineer to give up his
license for 4 years.  This makes no sense.
Perhaps there are other complaints also in conjunction with this one.  If I were
you I would dig deeper and find out exactly what all the claims are, or perhaps a
history of prior claims.


HARRISENGR(--nospam--at) wrote:

>  I have been asked by a civil engineer in another county to comment on
> his structural engineering for a 500 SQ. FT. room addition he calc'ed in
> 1987.
>      There was a complaint ( but no failure type problem ) and BORPELS asked
> one of their technical consultants, who also does litigation work, to
> comment. The expert SE said the civil engineer should have investigated the
> site, tested the concrete, obtained a soil report, as well as performed
> structural observation , and since he did not the civil engineer is ( 1997 )
> incompetent and BORPELS has offered to settle by allowing the civil engineer
> to give up his license for 4 years.
>      It was a calc and sketch job for  $450.00 and the were 37 pages of calcs
> and sketches.
>      I have probably plan checked 3000 room additions, and these calcs were
> above average . I am shocked by what the BORPELS consultant recommends. If i
> did everything he is criticising i would have to charge $3500.00 plus another
> $2000.00 for a soil report and $750. for a concrete testing lab, all for a
> calc and sketch job on a 500 sq. ft. room addition!
>       Am i in left field or do others calc and sketch without a soil report (
> use 1000psf ), not visiting the site ( assume it was built to code ) , and
> forego structural observation on small room additions.
>      I would like to know what others include as minimum services for a
> residential room addition.
>      Thanks in advance.
>      Tom Harris , SE
>      Thousand Oaks, CA