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Re: Wind speeds in Mexico

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     Wind loads in Mexico can be a little tricky.  The design wind speed 
     you would get would probably not fit into the UBC or ASCE formulas.
     They have a Federal code (Reglamento de Construcciones para el 
     Distrito Federal, RCDF) but it technically only applies to the 
     government area in and around Mexico City (similar to Washington, 
     District of Columbia).
     For areas outside of Mexico City your best choice is the CFE code 
     (Comision Federal de Electricidad) which is an industrial code that 
     covers all of Mexico.
     The terrain and topography factors (and other factors too) are not the 
     same as our codes.  The CFE actually has three separate wind maps 
     based on different return periods.  I believe this is their way of 
     incorporating an importance factor.  Their wind maps are also based on 
     a 3 second gust similar to ASCE 7-95.
     Hopefully someone on the list from Mexico can give you more details.
     Thomas Hunt
     Fluor Daniel - Irvine

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Subject: Wind speeds in Mexico
Author:  nmoore@spider.lloyd.com_at_-FDInternet at FDINET
Date:    9/11/97 7:02 PM

I am trying to locate the local design wind speeds for the following cities 
in Mexico:
1.      Mexico City
2.      Monterrey
3.      Guadalajara
Neil Moore