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Re: Re: WE-Electrode Strength

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seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
***Here's my question***

So, for a fillet weld where multiple filler metal strengths are
allowed, say 60 and 70 ksi, how do others size their welds.
Do you size your welds using 60 ksi knowing that you'll be
conservative (As Roger Turk indicated)? Do you use 70 ksi
and then on your weld symbol specify the specific, or minimum
strength to be used?

I have always used E70XX in my steel design.  In my first 2 employments that
was the office standard, and what I thought was the industry standard.  I
have never received a complaint or been questioned by a steel fabricator
about it.

Now, regarding the possibility of using either E60 or E70 on a project.  IMHO
I do not think this should be up for debate with the contractor.  Meaning,
the Contract Drawings should clearly specify which electrode should be used,
and this is what the bid is based on.  This serves 2 purposes.  The first is
that there is no question in anybody's mind which electrode is to be used. 
Secondly, and just as important,  when someone in the future wants to modify
the structure they can see clearly from the original drawings what electrode
was used and base their modifications of the structure on it.


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