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Re: Fiberglass, Structural Shapes, Properties, Costs

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     You should obtain the Extren Design Manual by Strongwell (formerly 
     MMFG).  Their telephone number is (540) 645-8000.  Their web address 
     John Hubert
     (716) 879-4334

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Subject: Fiberglass, Structural Shapes, Properties, Costs
Author:  wstewart(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    9/12/97 11:48 

I need information on available fiberglass structrual shapes (panels, 
I-beams, tubes, etc), producers of same, design criteria and costs. 
Looking at 16 foot long beams spanning 4 to 5 feet (i.e., continuous 
spans), up to 12 or 18 inches deep, and carrying about 2 to 3 kips per 
foot (heavy loads).  Anybody has recent experience or can point me in 
right direction?  Thanks
Warren Stewart, SE
Frederic R. Harris, Inc.