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Re: BORPELS and residential room additions

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At 07:26 PM 9/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>No offense, but from what planet did you just come in from??
>If you do not think that the majority of the engineers involved in expert
>testimony do not go in with an agenda for their client, then I think you need
>to wake up to the real world.
>Not to say that all are that way, but it is not just SOME that have an agenda,
>it is the vast majority (from my experience and talking to attorneys that
>specialize in this area).
>Roger Turk wrote:
>> It is a professional engineer's responsibility to provide unbiased,
>> impartial testimony in technical matters and to advise his/her client's
>> attorney in those matters.
>> It is not a professional engineer's responsibility to act as an advocate for
>> the client in any way!

I agree with Lynn.

No attorney, unless he or she was totally incompetent, would ever call an
expert to testify unless that expert's testimony was going to fully support
the client''s interest.

In addition, once the expert has been engaged or given any information about
the client's case, the expert cannot be called by the other side because the
expert is covered by the attorney client privilege.

Thus, experts, unles they are called by the court, are never neutral.

Robert D. McGhie, Esq.