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RE: Registration --> Licensure in TX

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Senate Bill 623 went into effect in Texas on September 1, 1997, bringing
numerous changes:

The "State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers" is now the
"Texas Board of Professional Engineers".	

About 47,000 "Registered Engineers" are now "Licensed Engineers".
Fortunately, our PE seals are "grandfathered", so there won't be a
windfall for the rubber stamp industry converting "Registered" to

All engineering businesses are now required to employ a full-time,
licensed engineer on staff to perform engineering services.  This is
intended to reduce or eliminate moonlighting by government and industry
engineers, hallelujah.

The PE Board now has authority to issue administrative penalties or
monetary fines for violations of the Board Rules or the Texas
Engineering Practice Act.

The definition of the "practice of engineering" has been updated in more
specific terms.

TEPA now acknowledges (for the first time) the rights of allied design
professionals such as architects, interior designers, and landscape
architects to perform work that is authorized under the definitions of
their respective licensing acts.

The PE Board now has the authority to waive engineering examinations by
Board Rule under certain circumstances.  Isn't this a step backwards?

TEPA now allows the use of common construction job titles that are not
in conjunction with the offer of engineering services.

The PE Board now has the authority (for the first time) to issue
temporary or provisional licenses.

Out-of-state licensed engineers are no longer allowed to use their
out-of-state licenses while "temporarily" working on projects in Texas.

For more information, you can visit the website for the Texas PE Board

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>By act of the legislature in the biennial session just passed, here in 
>Texas we are no longer "Registered" as professional engineers, but