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Re: Log Home to be constructed in Seismic Zone 4

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Ken wrote;

    I have done the calcs on quite a few log homes in Zone 3. These were
constructed of logs of 7" to 9" diameter and have a 5/8" diameter bolt
carried from the anchor bolts in the foundation to the top course of
logs with coupling nuts where needed. The nut on the top course of logs
is tightened to provide some measure of compression thereby providing
some sliding friction in addition to the shear capacity of the bolts
themselves. Also, the logs that I have worked with have a 4" wide flat
planed onto the top and bottom to provide a good bearing surface.

    I know that these have also been built in Zone 4 (I know one went
into Santa Rosa, but I didn't do the lateral for it).

 Ken Reed, PE
Redding, CA

Thank you for your response, Ken.      How do you deal with the logs
shrinkage due to time.    Does the owner need to tighten the anchor bolts
every year?    The log home I am working on, the log carved out in concave
shape at the bottom to sit perfectly on top of the log below.   That what the
drawings show.   Do you think they will build it that way?

Ed Latthitham S.E.