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RE: Log Home to be constructed in Seismic Zone 4

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The method I use to transfer lateral load between log
courses is drift pins with a hole drilled through the
course being laid and the pin driven into the course 
below.  The drift pins are sized and spaced based on 
AITC Timber Construction Manual values.  The drift pins 
are usually spaced 4 to 6 feet oc and are staggered in 
each successive course.  This means works for both
round log with saddle type end construction and two and
three sided logs.  The first course of logs is connected 
to the foundations using the mud sill anchor bolts, 
couple, and short threaded rod installed through the 
first course.  

For round log construction using the saddle end, I use 
an all-thread rod running completely through the full 
stack of logs with the rod installed in the overhanging 
end that extend beyond the foundation wall.  At least one end of the all-thread rod is available for access.  
The all-thread rod is used to tighten the wall up over time as the logs shrink.  Normally the weight of the 
wall and the structure above is enough to consolidate 
the logs as they shrink but a little help is needed 
sometimes.  While access to the ends of the all-thread
is more difficult in two and three sides log 
construction this same detail has be used successfully.

Shrinkage of log construction is a major concern and the 
details of construction used must be able to acommodate
relatively large settlements.

Forrest T. Braun, P.E.
BBFM Engineers Inc
(907) 274-2236

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Subject: 	Log Home to be constructed in Seismic Zone 4

Does any one know is there any shear force allow in the 11" diam. log wall.
  Besides, there are windows about the middle of the wall.   There is no
dowels between the logs.   How to hold the log wall down at the ends for the

Do you know any publications which give the answers to the above questions?

Thanks for the response

Ed Latthitham S.E.
Oxnard, CA