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Re: Registration --> Licensure in TX

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On Mon, 15 Sep 1997 16:01:37 -0700  Bill Allen, S.E. @ ALLEN DESIGNS wrote:
>This is an easy one. It's called unfair competition. Moonlighters don't
>have to pay for an office or (usually) E&O insurance. Therefore, they can
>charge less. Besides, don't tell me you conduct all of your moonlighting
>business on your own time. I don't like paying for government in the first
>place, much less paying for someone to underbid me.

Nice of you to make such assumptions about my personal and professional ethics without knowing me.  BTW, 
such assumptions on your part make some interesting implications about *your* ethical behavior. :-)

>Let me know which agency you work for. I'll call your supervisor first
>thing in the morning!!

Help yourself.  I work for the Montana DOT.  My boss is Joe Kolman, Bridge Engineer, and you can reach him 
at (406) 444-6260.