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Re: Registration --> Licensure in TX

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On Tue, 16 Sep 1997 04:46:57 -0700 (PDT)  Neil Moore wrote:

>Besides, here in California, a couple of engineers apparently were doing
>their "outside" work on state time; utilizing the computers and plotters -
>ect.  They did received the Golden Fleece award from one of the San
>Francisco Newspapers and I believe, no longer are employed by the State.
>It wouldn't have been so bad, except they used to brag about how "their"
>plotter was so much better than mine.  
>Of course the client was apparently aware of this and thought he was
>getting a good deal.

Sounds to me like a couple of ideal candidates for prosecution for theft of government services.  My point 
is just that you don't have to assume from these cases that *everybody* in government is pond slime, any 
more than I should assume all engineers in private practice prostitute themselves for a living from the 
few "bad eggs" whose sloppy work crosses my desk for review. ;-)