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Re: Re: pecg

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Yeah, the SEAOC newsletter had an article on this initiative and they
(SEAOC) stated that they were against it. Big deal. The state can promote
an initiative and "sell" it by misleading the public that it will save them
money. We all know that's B.S. We also know how well our respective
professional organizations are about protecting our interests. IMHO, this
is a done deal based on historical precedence. We'll get stung two ways: by
losing work and by paying higher taxes to cover the "overhead". But, let's
see what the State Atty Gen'ls office would think about us collaborating to
set fees or rates for our service. That's a different story. My advice is
to worry about things you can do something about.

Bill Allen

> From: RGRAYAIA(--nospam--at)
> To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re:  Re: pecg
> Date: Wednesday, September 17, 1997 4:25 PM
> Professional Engineers in California Government. pronounced "peg".  They
> a successful initiative out to be voted on at the next State Election
> awarding them the design of virtually all significant DESIGN contracts in
> State on the basis of "competitive" bids by design firms in which the
> firms have to include overhead but the State doesn't.  There's also a
> in the 
> State Supreme Court which will have much the same result with respect to
> CalTrans.  There are probably others.  There are other zany provisions. 
> don't have to worry about moving to Nevada or Arizona to escape it, the
> state employee groups are watching with interest and SENDING MONEY to
> I've got to earn a living if I can as long as they let me, so I can't
> you the whole story right now, but SEAONC, AIA, ASCE, AGC end everybody
> (except PECG) have come out against it, much good it will do.  They spent
> over a million to buy the initiative signatures.  While we argue on the
> about turf between archs & SEs.  It won't matter pretty soon.  It's
>  I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP.  Check in w/ FEDUP or CCAIA etc.
> Gotta go.  Thanks for responding.  You're the only one.
> Gary