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Re: combined seismic load with creep load

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>   Is anyone done foundation on piers on hillside
>   with creep load for example 5.0 kip per pier
>   if so., do you consider combining the creep load
> with the seismic  load or wind load, or what the load
> comination do you consider, come on someone  has done that before
> i need an answer
O.K., Dave, I'll own up.  Yes I've done this before - in fact a number of
times.  All of these projects were done in the S.F. Peninsula where all
kinds of weird soil conditions exist.

I've had creep loads up to seven feet deep - basically resisting a hill; so
it's a real load.  I do add in the loads that would come for either a wind
event or a seismic event and I increase my allowables for these events. 
I work very closely with the geotech engineers on all of these.

Sometimes these kinds of foundations are almost as expensive as the
structure, but if people want to build on bad ground and can pay for it, ok.

All of these jobs were done on expensive residences and no one called me
after the Loma Prieta earthquake.  

Neil Moore, S.E.