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Re: Inspection of pile foundations supporting harbor bulkheads

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Contact Larry Olson at Olson Engineering 303-238-1337.  We have used
their services in the past to determine integrity of auger cast piles.
They use a method of impulse response and seismic echo on piles.  I
believe the same methodology can be used for wood piles.

Harold Sprague
Black & Veatch
From: Theodore H. Partrick, Jr.
To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject: Re: Inspection of pile foundations supporting harbor bulkheads
Date: Tuesday, September 16, 1997 7:34AM


I recently read of some inspections made on house piles at the beaches
North Carolina. The depth of penetration of the piles was determined
accelerometers and analysis of shock wave propagation (response to
applied to the pile). Basically, the response of the pile to the shock
a function of its length. Once the length was determined, the depth was
calculated from the exposed height of the pile.According to the report,
FEMA production as I recall, the depth was determined pretty accurately.

Determining depth of embedment is not quite the same as determining if
is sound. However, there should be ways of analysing for soundness using
response in the piles.

Good luck.


At 06:44 PM 9/14/97 UT, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience with the inspection of timber piles used
in a
>foundation to support harbor bulkheads.  I have a need to perform such an
>inspection to determine if the pilings are still structurally sound.  The
>method which I know of is brute force.  This would involve shoring and
>up the foundation to perform a visual.  Sounds very expensive.  So if anyone
>has any words of advice or recommendations of firms whom deal with this
>please let me know.