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slab on ground for expansive soil

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First thanks to Bruce and Neil for their answer regard creep load on
but I like to see some reference about the subject

second that for Neil regard the pole design
if you ignore the 17 feet soil with liquifacation problem that enough
you don't need to add drag force .
but you can't use pole design in UBC 1809.5.1 because your depth is more

than 12 feet and the equation not applicable anymore
but like you said the geotech engineer used LPILE program
which is very good program I used it a lot in many cases
like retaining walls and wind mills sign pole very familiar with it
and I have the latest version of it you will  find very handy
and more accurate for the soil condition and soil interaction
but you have to have very good knowledge in soil mechanics
and judgments

Now  my new question is:

     UBC 94 chapter 1815 describes how to design  slab on ground
    for expansive soil with expansion index more than 20
my question is in equation for calculate the moment
for beams
 L' = total length of slab

is that length of whole building 100 feet long  for example
or that the length between the beams

M=w L'(lc)^2/2

that makes much difference for the steel and footing depth

my other question any one  knows  the phone number
for wire reinforcement institute


 Dave  Anderson