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CSW - Concrete Shear Wall w/ Openings

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I?ve been working on equivalent rigidities of concrete shear walls
with openings using the standard method presented in the Amrhein
book, but I?ve run into a class of problems that I can?t quite
figure out how to approach.


10? high by 20? long concrete shear wall.  On the right hand side is
a 7? x  4? door.  On the left hand side is a window.  Now, if the
top of the window is at or below the top of the door, I know what to
do.  But, if the top of the window is above the top of the door, and
the bottom of the window is below the top of the door, I can?t
figure out what order to use in putting the pieces together.

If any of you are experts at this stuff or know the solution method,
perhaps we can exchange fax numbers (this stuff is hard to describe
by words alone, sketches can do much better)


Stan Johnson, PE    (Glad I didn?t get stuck on a problem like this
in the exam!  :)