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Re: pecg

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Here's a thought. Most initiatives here in CA are battled in a public forum
by means of advertisement. Suppose AIA, NSPE, SEAOC and any other group
that purports to represent our interests get together to form a joint
committee. This committee would be responsible for interviewing and
selecting an advertising agency who would then develop a plan.

This advertising plan would have costs associated with it. Once these costs
are known (or at least estimated), the professional organizations could
then go back to their membership and request supplemental dues
contributions. If a LOT of design professionals contributed, the cost per
professional shouldn't be very much. If FEW design professionals
contributed, then the plan would be canned and whatever contributions were
made would be returned and we can go back and stare at our computer screen,
get online and find something to bitch about.

I would be interested in comments.

Bill Allen

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> Subject: Re:  Re: pecg
> Date: Thursday, September 18, 1997 10:01 AM
> Architects should worry, too.  Anyone who remembers the 30s & 40s is
going to
> worry like crazy, along with anyone who has read 1984 (Orwell).  The
> of the Constitution are throwing up.
> Gary