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Re: pecg

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Before you go donate money to a new endeaver you might consider donating to
Fed Up! which is a coalition of professional organizations, private
consulting firms, and other groups fighting the PECG Initiative. 
Fed Up!
1303 J St. Suite 370
Sacramento, CA 95814
Now before I go any further, you should know that I'm a member of PECG,
rather unwillingly, since they provide me legal counsel. I am opposed to the
PECG Initiative for many reasons, not the least of which it is highly
unrealistic. But, if I were you, I'd listen to the political pundits who have
said repeatedly that this initiative has a snowball's chance in hell of
passing. Now CELSOC will tell you otherwise and so will PECG. Both groups are
stirring up a lot of hysteria, but the average voter could care less until
about two days before the election. Recently, voters in California have gone
sour on passing initiatives because they are frought with unenforceable
language that gets tied up in litigation or thrown out. Strike 1. Here we
have an initiative sponsored by a government labor union advocating bigger
government. Strike 2 and Strike 3. My suggestion is keep your money where it
belongs - at home. That's where I'm keeping mine. If you have money to
donate, I suggest the Degenkolb Foundation, ATC, United Way or your alma
mater. They will put the money to better use than campaign financers. 
Fred Turner
Staff Structural Engineer
Seismic Safety Commission
1900 K St. #100 Sacramento, CA 95814
916-327-1606 916-322-9476 Fax