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RE: WOOD - Termite Damage Condition Survey

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>I'd like to put in a word of caution about a structural doing a termite 
>inspection.  DON'T DO IT.  There are inspectors that are usually insured and 
>bonded to do that sort of thing.  I've heard of nothing but grief comming
>professionals doing wandering into something like this.  There are, or
>be, limits to servicing the client 
>Unless you have an unusual E&O policy, the best plan is to have an inspector 
>do their best and then you comment on their observations as to potential 
>structural consequences. 
>Michael Donoghue, PE 

I second your comments.  After you have the report, then you can more
assuredly advised your client on his options.  Termite problems can be
insidious.  A couple of times where I've investigated dry rot, though, I've
gotten carried away with my knife following rot and before I knew had torn
up a good portion of a beam or a floor.  In two cases, I condemned the
structure immediately.  

Neil Moore