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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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Dennis, A quick look at Sect 473.4 of BORPELS's Rules indicates that if you
can be deemed as "using" the title structural engineer on account of your ad
appearing under that heading in the yellow pages, then you would be in
violation of Sect 6787(h) of the PE Act, a misdemeanor, and subject to
having the BORPELS Executive Officer issue you a citation that orders you to
have the phone company disconnect all numbers in the ad such that no calls
to those numbers are referred to your new numbers.

Those phone disconnect rules are part of the "Cite and Fine" Regulations
adopted by BORPELS in 1995 following a protracted and contentious series of
BORPELS rulemaking meetings and public hearings. I attended and testified at
those events regularly, always to identify problems and excesses, and to
argue against their adoption. SEAOC had no participation in that effort.
Other societies did, and much was achieved. The fix you're in was
anticipated, but no cure was obtained.

On the other hand, BORPELS may just get you to do what you already intend:
change the listing in the next edition. In 1991, a non-PE traffic control
consultant who designed obstacles to be placed in public streets was
reported to BORPELS for listing her firm in the Berkeley yellow pages under
Consulting Engineers. She agreed to have the ad omitted next time. The last
I looked, it was still there, and she still isn't a PE.

Why don't you limit your notifications to your phone co. and friendly
competitors, documenting everything airtight, and save BORPELS any
distractions in their headlong quest to revoke licenses. 

Chuck Greenlaw
At 08:59 PM 9/19/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I just received my copy of the GTE Phone book and found my name 
>listed in the wrong section of the yellow pages. I had changed 
>my ad and requested that I be placed in Consulting Engineers or 
>under Structural Engineering (I am a licensed CE). Instead, GTE 
>listed me under Structural Engineers.
>This was an unintentional mistake, but I don't want to get my 
>local friends pissed.
>Should I contact the Board of Registration and GTE and notify 
>both at the same time of the error to prevent any potential 
>action from BORPEL?
>I thought of calling the other two engineers listed in the 
>section - both are friends of mine and would understand.
>Please let me know how you think I should handle the situation.
>Dennis Wish PE