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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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According to  Business and Professions Code, Section 149

149        Advertising in Telephone Directory Without License-Agency

(a) If, upon investigation, an agency designated in subdivision (e) has
probable cause to believe that a person is advertising in a telephone
directory with respect to the offering or performance of services,
without being properly licensed by or registered with the agency to
offer or perform those services, the agency may issue a citation under
Section 148 containing an order of correction which requires the
violator to do both of the following:

(1) Cease the unlawful advertising.
(2) Notify the telephone company furnishing services to the violator to
disconnect the telephone service furnished to any telephone number
contained in the unlawful advertising.

(b) This action is stayed if the person to whom a citation is issued
under subdivision (a) notifies the agency in writing that he or she
intends to contest the citation.  The agency shall afford an opportunity
for a hearing, as specified in Section 125.9.

(c) If the person to whom a citation and order of correction is issued
under subdivision (a) fails to comply with the order of correction after
that order is final, the agency shall inform the Public Utilities
Comminution of the violation and the Public Utilities Commission shall
require the telephone corporation furnishing services to that person to
disconnect the telephone service furnished to any telephone number
contained in the unlawful advertising.

(d) The good faith compliance by a telephone corporation with an order
of the Public Utilities Commission to terminate service issued pursuant
to this section shall constitute a complete defense to any civil or
criminal action brought against the telephone corporation arising from
the termination of service.

(e) Subdivision (a) shall apply to the following boards, bureaus,
committees, commissions, or programs:

(15) The Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land

The question is

Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> I just received my copy of the GTE Phone book and found my name
> listed in the wrong section of the yellow pages. I had changed
> my ad and requested that I be placed in Consulting Engineers or
> under Structural Engineering (I am a licensed CE). Instead, GTE
> listed me under Structural Engineers.
> This was an unintentional mistake, but I don't want to get my
> local friends pissed.
> Should I contact the Board of Registration and GTE and notify
> both at the same time of the error to prevent any potential
> action from BORPEL?
> I thought of calling the other two engineers listed in the
> section - both are friends of mine and would understand.
> Please let me know how you think I should handle the situation.
> Dennis Wish PE