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Re: Foundation Analysis

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This post is to solicit opinions regarding the application of UBC 1921
(Ductile Seismic Concrete Provisions) when providing a fixed base for steel
moment resisting frame.  I've been told the joint detailing requirements
(i.e. stirrups at 6" o.c. max, laps away from the joint, lap stirrups 4" o.c.
max. etc.) are required by DSA on grade beams providing fixed bases for OMF
or SMRF frames, however I am interested in finding out what factors you would
consider in differing cases:


OMF - Commercial multistory

Residential OMF with Moment Resisting Baseplate on top of the grade beam. 

SMRF - Commercial multistory

Also, does anyone routinely apply 3*Rw/8 to a moment-resisting baseplate
connection on a OMF?  (i.e. consider the grade beam a "girder" in the
"girder-to-column connection").

Any comments would be appreciated...

Tom VanDorpe
VCA Engineers