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Oil Leak

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A friend of mine in New Hampshire, assuming that as a structural engineer I
know everything, sent me the following query regarding oil leakage in the
ground beneath his house.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated, plus
they would make me look like I know what I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bruce Resnick

<<... we've just pulled an oil tank out from under a porch where
we're building a bathroom and have discovered a fair bit of leakage.  The
contractor's solution is to turn the ground over, spray some chemicals to
take care of the odor and then seal the earth with plastic.  He assures me
we'll never know it was there.

How does this sound to you?  Is there anything else we should be doing
(short of spending $30,000 to clean the site up entirely)?  Are there any
environmental hazards in following the contractor's advice?  Or is this
safe?  Bear in mind, we've got our first baby on the way, so we're even
more concerned than usual. >>