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Re: Surface Bonded CMU Construction

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     I would not want to rely on this construction for seismic resistance. 
     Grout and rebar should be used for seismic resistance.

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Subject: Surface Bonded CMU Construction
Author:  Joe McCormick <jmccormick(--nospam--at)> at NET
Date:    9/24/97 5:45 PM

I'd like to hear some people's experiences with using surface bonded unit 
masonry construction (ie - no morter between heads and beads of blocks, but 
instead a thin concrete coat on interior and exterior).  NCMA publications 
claim that out-of-plane bending is comparable to conventional construction 
but vertical compressive strength of surface bonded walls is only half as 
good as conventional construction.  Additionally, the method is supposed to 
result in a 70% increase in labor productivity on unit masonry jobs.  How 
does such construction fare under seismic loads?  Is the wall durable under 
severe weathering conditions?
Thanks in advance,
Joe McCormick