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Subject: Re: Need properties for A316 steel

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Stainless steel bolts are covered under ASTM F 593.  Don't confuse TYPE
304 and TYPE 316 (which are alloy designations) with ASTM designation.  

ASTM F 593 lists multiple tensile strengths and yield strengths for each
type, depending upon manufacturing process and designation.  Both types
have yields ranging from 30 ksi to 90 ksi with tensile 70 to 115.
Suggest obtaining copy from ASTM (610) 832-9585 or e-mail:

Warren Stewart, SE
Frederic R. Harris, Inc.
San Pedro CA

>To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
>From: Neil Moore <nmoore(--nospam--at)>
>Subject: Re: Need properties for A316 steel
>At 03:29 PM 9/25/97, you wrote:
>>Does anybody know the yield and ultimate breaking strength of A316 or A304
>>stainless steel.  Are these pretty typical for anchor bolts in sewage
>>equipment anchorages?
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Sasha Itsekson, P.E.
>>Huntington Design Associates, Inc.
>>Oakland, CA
>From AISC High-Temperature Characteristics of Stainless Steels - dated
>April 1979:

>Type 304    Fy = 42 ksi and Fu = 84 ksi at 80 degrees  E = 28E6
>Type 316    Fy = 42 ksi and Fu = 84 ksi at 80 degrees  E = 28E6
>Neil Moore, S.E.