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ARCH - eng vs. arch. for bldg design

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A few months ago their was a thread regarding NCARB's attempt to exclude engineers from building design.  The following is from the magazine the September 1997 edition of "Building Design & Construction" under the heading of legal trends.

"The latest attempt by some architectural groups to prevent engineers from designing buildings came to a head at the recent annual meeting of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).

A resolution was introduced to reword the definition of "architecture" in state licensing laws to exclude engineers from offering services principally related to the design of buildings for human occupancy.  However, the proposal was overwhelmingly defeated by a vote of 45-3.

NCARB is a coordinating body of state architectural licensing boards.  Its function in to coordinate state board policies and issues, but it has no authority over state licensing laws.

L.G. Lewis, president of the National Council of Engineering Examiners, the comparable engineers' organization, wrote to the president of NCARB prior to the vote that adoption of the resolution would "most likely further fuel the fires of contention that have created tension between our professions and confusion among the public served by those we have been asked to regulate."

NCARB's action does not, by itself, resolve the "turf wars" between architects and engineers.  However, Lewis said the defeat of the resolution "signals to me that resolution of these turf battles might still occur through better communications and negotiations."

Thought some of you might find this article interesting.

John Jones, EIT
Pell City, AL