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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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From: Jeff Smith <smthengr(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Saturday, September 20, 1997 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

>Based on this new listing you will soon be rolling in the dough. You could
>donate all this extra income to either your competitors or to BORPEL. ;^)
>Seriously, I would check your information that you gave to GTE (unless it
>was verbal) and then ask them to write a letter to you and BORPEL stating
>that they made an error.
>Jeff Smith
The information was given verbally over the phone when GTE called to offer
the free listing. I informed them that I would like to be listed under the
heading Structural Engineering. When I asked if they had this section they
informed me that it is listed as Structural Engineers. I asked to then be
listed under consulting engineers. The facts are that the listed ad does not
mean that I am practicing as a Structural Engineering since the listing is
written as Dennis S. Wish PE.
Second, there are no projects that I am being called for that a Civil
Engineer can not do.
Third, I ask where the reference came from and if informed that I was found
in the phone book, I take pains to explain that I am not a licnesed SE but a
PE and am qualified to practice in the area that they require engineering
This is blown way out of proportion and I have found that this is not a big
deal to my peers out here who I have notified.
The phone company requires anyone advertising in the heading of general
contractor must have a license and list it in the ad in order to be
published. The phone company has no control over changing the catagory in
the book which is chosen by their publisher - not the phone company per se.
I don't believe that the board of registration is interested in causing
grief to an engineer because of a misunderstanding by the phone company
office personel. The easiest way is for them to make spot calls to try and
see if the person listed is fraudalently using the title. If an explanation
is given of the error, they really have no case. You have to prove
fraudulent intentions - the listing alone is not enough.
The funny thing is that all of the business I get from phone book ads are
jobs that the SE's would not want - property wall extensions, room
additions, footing designs for non-compliant structures. So far, no owner of
an essential facility, high rise building or hospital has called to hire me
based upon my phone book ad. When you all quote the law, I suggest that you
read how ludicrus it sounds. As strong as the provisions are, no agency
would waste money in court to fight this without proof of intent to commit
fraud. As I stated before, the ad is not proof of intent.