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Re: One way slab design with point load.

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In a message dated 97-09-28 19:12:50 EDT, you write:

<< I have a photocopy out of an old concrete design book a senior engineer
 me years ago that has the following simplistic assumption for approximating
 participating width of a one way slab under a point load.   Take TAN^-1(0.6)
 lines from the point load radiating to the supported sides of the slab.  For
 your case with a point load at the center, the participating width would be
 2*0.6*11 = 13.2 feet.  Obviously, if the load is not at center span, the
 effective width will be smaller at one support than at the other since the
 slab cannot form a symmetric "saucer" shape.  I've always thought this was a
 little too optimistic for my comfort level though, and usually take no more
 than the point load width plus 4x the slab depth in width and provide extra
 reinforcing in this strip as necessary.  I'd be curious to hear how other
 people handle this situation, too >>

Joe, I don't understand the formula, is part of it missing?  

Tom VanDorpe, P.E.
VCA Engineers