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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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I agree with Brian,

You are a Civil Engineer and nothing else, no matter what area you work
in.  What ever your license says you are is what you are.

Sounds to me that the board should either ban the use of the word
"Structural" in any context to anyone except structural engineers or
require the license number to be present.

Also Dennis, from one of your previous posts, it sounds to me that you
tried yourself, were the judge and jury and found yourself innocent.
How do we know you really did this mistakenly.  I know the phone company
does not have a separate catagory for structural engineering, its
structural engineers in my phone book and all the others I've looked at.

If you want to continue to talk the talk, take the dam exam and prove to
yourself and the rest of us that you are worthy of the title.  Anything
short of this is just verbal retoric justifying your inabilty to go the

Dennis McCroskey

Brian Kehoe wrote:

> Dennis,
> Your mistake was using the term Structural Engineering to the phone
> company personnel
> during the contact.  How can you expect a lay person to understand to
> subtlety between
> someone practicing structural engineering and someone who is a
> licensed Structural
> Engineer?  Instead, you should just call yourself a Civil Engineer,
> since that is how you are
> licensed.  Using the term structural engineering is, IMHO deliberately
> misleading.
> If you don't like being only licensed as a civil engineer, then take
> the test or get BORPELS
> to change the rules.
> ------------------->
> Brian Kehoe
> BEK(--nospam--at)WJE.COM