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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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dennismc wrote:

> You are a Civil Engineer and nothing else, no matter what area you work
> in.  What ever your license says you are is what you are.

I have misinterpreted these statements before in the recent past, but surely
you say this in jest!  To suggest that Dennis is not a capable structural
engineer is amazing.  He is in fact licensed to do structural engineering in
the State of California on any structure except schools, hospitals, and high
rise buildings.  I really really hope you are just saying this is jest.

> If you want to continue to talk the talk, take the dam exam and prove to
> yourself and the rest of us that you are worthy of the title.

Now he has to take the "dam" exam!!!  I thought it was Civil engineers that
design dams, and his license already says he is a Civil, right!!  So is
Dennis a dam engineer or not??

>  Anything short of this is just verbal retoric justifying your inabilty to
> go the distance.

If anything is "rhetoric", and is not truly representative of a persons
ability to provide structural engineering services, it is the Structural
Exam.  It speaks more to ones ability to take exams than anything else.
Both myself and my partner took the exam in 1984.  We studied together 3
nights a week for 3 months.  We both knew this stuff inside and out by exam
time.  I passed, he didn't.  And I can assure you, as can anyone else who
knows my partner (Greg Van Sande), that he is every bit as capable as I am,
and I know that some think he is a better structural engineer than I.

I vote we let Dennis advertise under the category as "Structural Engineer",
and give him a special license to include the design of schools (I have yet
to figure out what is so special about school buildings.  The vast majority
are wood framed type V buildings).  I know that if anyone calls on Dennis
because of seeing his listing in the phone book that they will not be
defrauded.  And that is what we are really concerned with isn't it.   The
issue isn't that we want to limit competition by eliminating people who are
indeed qualified, but haven't passed a test that would allow them to design
buildings that they don't design anyway.  This shouldn't be a tool used to
limit competition.