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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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Would it be easier to identify the engineers as LICENSED Structural
Engineers or LICENSED Civil Engineers rather than just Structural or
Civil Engineers?  

This would not limit the professors in the universities to be labled as
engineers in training or assistant technicians etc.  I believe that a
significant portion of the ACI, UBC, AISC, and AASHTO have been based on
the research of these engineers in trainees. Actually, some of them may
not have even passed EIT tests.

I am in favor of calling the Structural Engineering faculty members as
Structural Engineers.  However, they may not be referred to as Licensed
Structural Engineers because they are not licensed to practice in the
industry.  Of course, I do accept the fact that many of these faculty
members may have lousy production skills. Similarly, many of the SEs or
PEs may have limited understanding of the conceptual understanding
behind the code formulas.

None of the comments above are meant to offend anyone.  Hope the debate
can focus on accepting a more clear definition of the title Structural
Engineer for the practising engineers as well as the general public. 
Somebody had recently pointed out that many in the public believe that a
registered engineer is the one who fills some forms and gets registered
with the state.

Satinder P. Singh
S. P. Singh Engineers