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RE: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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Wow. This thing has gotten a little hot. Doesn't this thread make it more obvious that the language in the B&P code administered by BORPELS doesn't really serve any of us? The language gives very little exclusivity to licensed structural engineers. So little in fact that I do not feel it is worth the work to pass the test. The language also doesn't allow professional engineers, degreed in Civil Engineering, experienced in structural engineering to profess their area of expertise properly. While the B&P code has protected the title "Structural Engineer", just about anyone can use the phrase "structural engineering". BTW, I am excluding comments about academics since I am limiting my comments to professional engineers who have to stamp and sign drawings (i.e., put their butts on the line).

There are clearly two ways to go to make things different. BORPELS can reword the B&P code to further protect structural engineers by including the restriction of use of any variation of the word "structural" (structural engineer, structural engineering, structural design, etc.) just like the State Board of Architects have successfully done to protect the "A" word. This would make it very clear who is legally capable of providing structural engineering services. Of course, the down side is getting all of us who are licensed civil engineers who have spent our lifetime doing only structural engineering qualified to practice structural engineering. I'm sure there are several ways to achieve this including taking the SE exam and grandfathering. I truly believe the "upside" far outweighs the "downside" in than it would be more difficult for unqualified persons to practice structural engineering (i.e., architects, civil-civils) and both public safety as well as our professionals would be well served. The other direction would be to amend the title act to remove protection of the title "structural engineer". This way, ANYONE can be a structural engineer and the debate is over.

While I believe the current wording of the B&P code with regards to the practice of structural engineering is a "lose-lose" situation for both structural engineers and civil engineers practicing structural engineering, I genuinely feel that this is the way the code will remain due to two reasons. The first is the inertia of government and the second is that we as a group are not very political (not as much as architects and _certainly_ not as much as JDs and MDs).

I have gotten pretty tired of this topic where we bash each other and do not create anything productive. We spend all of our time trying to prove "I'm better than you" rather than devote that energy to prevent architects and civil-civils from degrading the practice of structural engineering. I'm done.

Bill Allen