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RE: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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Hear, hear!  I'd like to second the motion.  This would be in line with
NSPE's new direction.

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> Sent: 	Monday, September 29, 1997 10:49 AM
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> Subject: 	Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers
> Would it be easier to identify the engineers as LICENSED Structural
> Engineers or LICENSED Civil Engineers rather than just Structural or
> Civil Engineers?  
>  Hope the debate can focus on accepting a more clear definition of the
> title Structural Engineer for the practising engineers as well as the
> general public. Somebody had recently pointed out that many in the
> public believe that a registered engineer is the one who fills some
> forms and gets registered with the state.
> Regards,
> Satinder P. Singh
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