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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers (CE vs SE)

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>This discussion has focused far too much on the SE exam rather than the CE.
>The real problem is that taking a test that you can pass without answering
>any structural questions entitles you to design buildings.  The CE test is a
>worthless measure of ability and knowledge.
>In America, most believe that anyone with a license is capable of doing the
>work -- otherwise, how would they have a license?  What about quality
>issues?  That, my fellow engineers (CE & SE), is a very different subject.
>James Lord, SE
How will the soon-to-be-implemented new P.E. exam format change opinions?
The P.E. exam is going to change formats again to a "breadth and depth"
exam (similar to the F.E. exam).  The morning portion will consist of
answering questions related to the entire civil engineering field and the
afternoon will consist of answering questions only in one particular
specialty (hydrology, structural, transportation, etc.).