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RE: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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Yeah, but --

     1) Most states I've heard of still require M.D and J.D. graduates
to still pass      a series of exams before they are turned loose as
doctors and lawyers.

	2) Surely you've heard of GIGO.  Shouldn't a responsible
	engineer be able to check the results of a computerized frame
	(such as one prepared by a newly graduated subordinate)?

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> From: 	Shafat Qazi[SMTP:seaoc-ad(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, September 30, 1997 12:00 AM
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> Subject: 	Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers
> IMHO, they should stop issuing licenses. The requirement for
> practicing
> Structural Engineering should be a Degree from accredited university
> and
> three years experience. (Just like doctors). BORPELS should stop
> wasting
> time in preparing exams and rather focus on universities to ensure the
> highest level of education is being provided.
> How many of you remember how to calculate forces in a moment frame.
> Not
> Many I bet. Yet, most of us remember the UBC equation to calculate
> base
> shear. Which one is real engineering? Now think about that!
> Shafat