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RE: Re - Structural Engineers

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Being an outsider (outside of Californian jurisdiction, not Civil or 
structural engineering) I find this debate amusing, much like a storm 
in a tea cup.

In Australia and in many other countries around the world there isn't 
a demarcation between who is structural engineer and who isn't. One 
practices in a field of engineering  of  his/her competency. I am a 
licensed "civil engineer" in the state of Victoria(note: we do not have a structral 
engineering category) - implying I can practice in any field of civil 
engineering. I (and my colleges) practice and advertise our 
compentencies. We give our clients references to verify our 
capabilities. The licensing is largely to tell clients that we carry 
PI, rather than to indicate competency.  And that how it should be.  I for one do not think 
passing an exam is a true indicator of structural engineering 
worth. It is largely what you done determines what you can do.

All the confusing titles that I see floating around CE, SE, LSE, PE, 
etc, etc. really doesn't make much sense to me. Such compartmentalistion is a 
disservice to our profession. The branches of engineering geo-tech, 
civil, structural are all too much interlinked to be compartmentalised. Perhaps SEAOC should take it up the licensing 
authorities to have a single category rather than multitude of them.

Raghu Pendyala
Civil Engineeing
The University of Melbourne
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