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RE: Torsion in RC & PT beams

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> Subject: 	Torsion in RC & PT beams
> Hello fellow engineers:
> Does anyone know of or has a computer program (maybe spreadsheet) for 
> a) Torsion in reinforcend concrete beams
> b) Torsion in prestress (posttensioned) concrete beams
> c) Curved RC and PT beams (that's where "my" torsion is coming from)
If there is a way to speed up a development, I can introduce a new
software to you at this moment. However, it is not ready yet.

IFAS V2.0 is closed to the last stage for documentation. One of the new
features is for designs of 3D RC member. That designs an RC section for
the 6 internal forces: biaxial bending moments, torsion, axial force,
and two shear forces. IFAS graphical muscle allows users to X-ray any RC
members in the postprocessor, and can clearly see the longitudinal bars
and stirrup including the bar sizes and locations. It is a
real-time-design procedure. User can change the concrete ultimate stress
or steel yielding stress or concrete cover or other design parameters,
and IFAS (the postprocessor) designs and places the bars and displays a
new RC section in real time.

IFAS V2.0 has taken lots of time to catch up some (not all) common
features introduced in other software, and also develops some new
features for analysis and design (other software do NOT have), for
example, partial-rigid-connection analysis and more new features for
analysis and design... Unfortunately, documentation is not complete and
is not ready until Dec.

Jenn-Ching Luo
Parallel Integrated Research
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