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Re: Re - Structural Engineers

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I agree with Rick Drake that Structural Engineer is just a title. We are
still all Civil Engineers who are licensed and registered to practice Civil
Engineering. As far as I know, the field of civil engineering include
structural, transportation, hydraulics, soil(geotechnical), surveying, etc.
which is what I learned in school. When we go to the real world of practicing
civil engineering, the rules are a little bit different. When I passed my CE
exam, I could practice structural, civil(grading, subdivision, etc.),
surveying, as well as all the other fields of civil engineeing as long as I
have enough experience, expertise and confidence to do so. Throughout the
years, they noticed a lot of CE's practicing Surveying and
Soils(geothecnical) without the necesary experience so they started to
restrict the practice of Soils and Surveying by requiring a separate
license(or are they also titles ?) to practice as such. There was gradual
implementation but in the end it worked out OK(I think). They did not require
a separate license for structural engineers. Maybe because there are so many
civil engineers already practicing structural engineering that requiring them
to take another exam to practice it will be impractical and impossible to
implement. Up to now I still think that structural engineering is still a
field of civil engineering that CE's are allowed to practice. The SE title
just adds prestige to the CE license.

This prestigious title was what encouraged me to take the SE exam. I had been
practicing structural engineering for a long time that I have my CE license,
but I want to be called a Structural Engineer. This will also eliminate
wasted time in convincing potential clients that a CE can do structural

I go by the rules. If the rule says one cannot have the title SE until he
passes the SE exam, then so be it. If one can practice structural engineering
even if he is a CE, then it also OK. It may not make sense but I believe it
is the rule.

I agree that we should change this rule because it is unfair and it does not
make sense. I suggest that we ask SEAOSC to create a committee to look into
this since it always come up and there is always heated discussions about it.
I"ll volunteer to be a member of this committee. Hopefully, this committee,
being supported by SEAOSC(?), will have a strong voice when time comes to
present it to the law making body.

My idea is to first ask all CE's who are interested in practicing structural
engineering to submit a form letter stating they want to be called Structural
Engineer.  Depending on the Seaosc committee recommendation, a guideline will
be established in which to rate CE's which are qualified(due to experience,
expertice, education, etc.) to be SE"s. Then these qualified CE's will be
recommended for automatic SE title, the rest who are unqualified will have
toi take the SE exam.

A lot of SE's may not like this sdea but we have to start somewhere if we
want to eliminate this unproductive discussions and hopefully the engineers 5
or 10 years from now will thank us for it.

Ernie Natividad