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Masonry Shelf Angles

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I've run into a problem (actually several) with an existing steel frame
building.  The brick veneer was designed to be supported by a continuous
angle.  This continuous angle is then supported by 4" long angles at 4'
centers and bolted to the top flange of the spandrel beam.  The reason
why the angle connected to the beam is not continuous is because joists
bear on the spandrel beam (2'-6" to 3'-0" centers) and why the shelf
angle was not connected to the bottom flange I have no idea.  Anyway,
the 4" long angles have yielded and the brick above the shelf angle is
bearing on the brick below.

I have to come up with an idea to fix the problem.  Doe's anyone have
any ideas?


Chris Towne, E.I.T