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Re: Architects and Human Occupancy

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Barry H. Welliver wrote:

> Several things have been rubbling around my mind since I first heard
> (read) them:
> 3.    snip

> When people ask what I do I
> generally say "design buildings". Most respond with "oh, you're an
> architect" (ok to use small caps here I think). "Actually no" I say,
> but
> we work very closely with them to make sure they don't fall down
> (omission of the word building intentional). Perhaps that says more to
> me about what I am and like to do than arguing about having more
> responsibility in the limelight. Personally, I rather enjoy my
> position
> as a "support" person on the design team. I've often heard from
> Architects that they may even admire our position. Generally it goes
> something like, "everybody thinks they can design spaces, yet
> engineering remains a mystery to most people". Well perhaps we don't
> need or want the limelight as bad as we figure.

I get asked this question or similar one quite often.  Generally, I try
and describe to the layman this way.

"The architect is in charge of the overall project and deal with
aestetics and function.  Once they have determined what they want, they
give it to the engineers who figure out how to make it work.  The
architect then comes in, puts on the door knobs and paint then gets all
the money and glory."

Over simplified maybe but they usually get the point.  I'm still waiting
for the money and glory.

Dennis McCroskey