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Re: Architects and Human Occupancy

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We can start by changing SEAOC(seaosc,etc.) to mean Structural Engineering!!!
Association of California. All licensed CE's will be Member, non-licensed
CE's will be Associate Member, non-CE's will be ?????, etc. And all must be
practicing Structural Engineering. Let's define Structural Engineering as the
field of Civil Engineering dealing with the structural analysis and design of
any structure. We can add to this definition later.

If SEAOSC is going to help our cause, they should be the first to support our
position. They could even call for a vote for all members to see if majority
supports this position. If they do, then we can start, if not, we're back at
square one.  

I'm also wondering what the other list members think of my previous post
about this issue. 

If there are enough people who want to be involved in the issue and SEAOSC
does not want to support it for now, we can start our own committee.

Ernie Natividad CE, SE
Registered Licensed Civil Engineer in California,
practicing Structural Engineering, with authority
to use the Title of Structural Engineer