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Re: Error in Phone Book - Structural Engineers

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I'm not sure local municipalities can require an SE stamp on items other
that essential facilities.  If they are, I would challenge them on what
authority they determine who can do that work.  According the the state
code, there only needs to be the stamp of a licensed Civil Engineer,
Architect, or Structural Engineer required.

I had some discussions with the state board a couple of years ago when
applying for a well that needed an hydrologic study.  The local water
board had a list of people they considered qualified an I wanted to use
someone else or do it myself.  (A Civil Engineer was required to do the

According to the state board, they have in the last few years had
several reprimands to local municipalities about such practice.  They
explained to me the local boards are opening themselves up to lawsuits
if they deny a licensed person the right to do that work. The state
determines who is able to perform the duties, not local boards or

The state board has also required all municipalities that used the title
"Engineer" in any context to remove such title if that person is not
licensed by the state. This means a maintenance person can no longer
call himself a "maintenance engineer", etc.

Take it for what its worth, but that's what I know about it.

Dennis McCroskey

Valerie T Eskelsen wrote:

> In light that an SE is required in only essential facilities, does
> anyone
> know why more
> municipalities are requiring SE stamps on joists?
> Valerie Eskelsen
> Canam/Sun Steel Buildings and Joists
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