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RE: Seismic Retrofit references

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From:	James Hagensen [SMTP:JHAGENSEN(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Thursday, October 02, 1997 4:57 PM
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Subject:	Seismic Retrofit references

Could anyone out there make recommendations on the best 
available reference books and/or provisions for seismic retrofit 
of unreinforced masonry buildings.  Any suggestions you can give 
me would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Jim Hagensen S.E.

SEAOSC  (seaosc(--nospam--at) has the seminar notes for the UCBC 
Appendix Chapter 1 URM Retrofit seminar held some years ago. 
This is the best manual available today. If you can get a hold 
of the older Division 88 and RGA seminar notes you will have the 
history of the URM code evolution.
The second best choice (without worked examples) is the Blue 
Book by SEAOC. This covers (or at least did cover) Division 91 
compliance which is the URM Retrofit information.
I was the author of a URM program called Equake which was 
released in 1987 but has not been available for over four years. 
I am in the process of rewriting it for Excel 97 since I am 
doing a job in Santa Ana and Long Beach right now. I plan to 
release this new version to the SEAOC web site within the next 
month or two as soon as I complete the pull down menus and some 
For those of you familiar with EQUAKE, After loosing more money 
in advertising and trying to sell this software, I have decided 
to simply donate my work to the public domain for anyone that 
wants it. There is some old documentation available which I can 
copy and mail for a fee (around $25.00 plus postage). This 
minimal fee is simply to cover the cost of reproduction and the 
time loss to do it. I don't want to profit on this (since I 
never had).
You can contact me off the list is you want more info and I'll 
send you my land line number. If you have a SEAOC registry, you 
can call me at the number listed.
Hope this info helps.
BTW, I have a cad library of details as well. These are 
available, but I have not worked out the small fee I'll charge 
to copy and deliver. I only ask that you do not use the details 
as published, but change them to be job specific. They represent 
90% of the drafting work and are in AutoCAD Release 11 format 
(and DXF format).

Dennis Wish PE